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How to identify Mercedes Benz Command APS NTG 4,NTG 4.5, NTG 5.0?

How to identify Mercedes Benz Command APS NTG 4,NTG 4.5, NTG 5.0?

1, Check the UI (user interface) style and year of manufacturing.

From the photo below, that is easy to identify the difference between NTG4.5/4.7 & NTG5.0/5.1, their User interface with big difference! The main question is to identify the difference between the NTG4.0 & NTG4.5/4.7


User interface is difference for Mercedes Benz Command APS NTG 4.0 NTG 4.5/4.7 and NTG5.0/5.1

2, Check the buttons(keys) on the original CD/ radio Head unit

By seeing the photo below:
1) The NTG4.0 with round buttons,normally, with " C" or "CLR" on keys, but the NTG4.5/4.7 is square buttons, with "CLEAR" on the keys.
2) In the central console, for NTG4.0, it is " Chrome + black" on the keys, but NTG4.5/4.7 is full Chrome on the keys.

3) The NTG5.0/5.1 is fully flat buttons.


The buttons/keys on the Mercedes COMMAND NTG 4.0/ 4.5/4.7 /5.0/5.1 CD/Radio panel is different

3, Check the LVDS connector

When the above methods cannot identify the Mercedes Benz NTG version, then can check the LVDS connector ( The video cable on the back of original display). NTG 4.0 contains10 pins LVDS, but the NTG4.5/4.7 & NTG5.0 are contains 4 PIN LVDS.

Mercedes NTG 4.0 & NTG 4.5/4.7 / NTG5.0/5.1 radio head unit w/ different LVDS connector


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