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Android GPS Mercedes-Benz NTG 5.0/5.1 Audio Delay Problem Solution

If you have Mercedes-Benz with Command NTG 5.0/5.1 system, when install the Android GPS screen, it might have a problem in few cars (not every car, just only in few car types), the problem is : When you play a video, the sound delay the picture (the picture of video moved, but the sound delay about 2~3 seconds in speaker).

To handle this problem, the only way is to add the DSP (Extra cost), please read below more details info. And get back to us (if you have ordered the products).

1, What is the standard parts we offer?
For Mercedes NTG 5.0/5.1 model, our default parts/accessories is :
offer a USB/AUX audio box ( as below photo), to transfer the audio by USB,
in most case, it don't have this problem, most of car types using this kind of USB/AUX adapter and without problem.
AUX audio transfer to USB adapter

2, What kind of car types/model might have "Audio delay problem"?
After we research and case study, the car with PANASONIC Radio Head unit  with have this problem. To handle this problem, it need to add a DSP module, to have the sound go to speaker directly (not go through USB), that way,
the audio will not delay.
If your radio head unit is other brand, such as "MITSUBISHI" or "Harman Kardon", it don't have this problem.
Panasonic radio head unit

3, What is the extra cost for DSP?
DSP have two types, that need to check if your car with or without optical fiber amplifier:
(1) if the car without optical fiber amplifier, the DSP is USD55.00
(2) If the car w/ optical fiber amplifier, the DSP is USD110.00 

different DSP modules

4,  How to identify the car with an Optical fiber amplifier? 
(When your car is  PANASONIC head unit, check these info) 

(1) Check the cable in original power cable (the back OEM radio head unit)
it have optical fiber cable.
(2) See the speakers, if it have this two brand on it (Harman Kardon) or (Burmester), that is optical fiber amplifier
(3) On the tailgate box (the left side), see if it has optical fiber amplifier.

how to check the optical fiber amplifier

5, How to check if your car with
 "PANASONIC" radio head unit? or other brand?
(1) The only way is to remove the trim panel, take out the radio head unit,
on top of radio unit, it stick a paper, it show the brand of radio head unit. 
you can read it yourself, also send the photo to us. If that is Mitsubishi or Harman Kardon (or other brand), it without this problem.

If that is Panasonic head unit, you can continue to check the power cable,
to check if it has optical fiber cable or not (as the method mentioned above).
you can send the photo to us, to double check with you.
mercedes benz ntg 5 radio head unit
(2) You can get into the original menu, under the "media", it have one option "sound effectWhen it show "Harman Kardon" or " Burmester", this car type will have external optical amplifier for sure.
But it still need to check the "brand" of radio head unit (still need to remove the dashboard and take out the head unit)

Harman Kardon Burmester - external optical fiber amplifier

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